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Meet the Animals


A collection of friendly farm animals reside in the paddock that borders both the Shearer's Quarters and the Barn providing a fantastic interactive experience, or just entertainment for those that wish to view from afar.




The sheep you will see at Redwing are Merino’s or crossbreds. The Merinos are used for their wool and meat, the crossbreds for meat only. Every year there are lambs that are left motherless and you may be lucky enough to be staying while they are getting bottle fed. There are also two pet sheep in with the other animals, these guys are known as Elizabeth and Pirate!



We have three resident pigs at Redwing. Pig Pig is the biggest pig and was part of a bunch the local school were fattening up for the Adelaide Show. Despite her size now, she was the runt of the litter and was picked on to the point that when market day came she was too ill to go. The Ag teacher didn’t have time to care for a lone pig so she was bought out to Redwing where she recovered from her injuries and grew immensely! She has been known as a few things – ‘Lucky’ and ‘Spot the Chop’ to name a few, but she is now known as ‘Pig Pig’. She loves a feed and a scratch on the head, but make sure you watch out for her teeth when she’s hoovering your scraps!


Our second pig is Ingrid who was a pet pig who outgrew her yard! She was rehomed at Redwing in Easter 2013 and has been a hit ever since!

Our latest addition (Jan 18) is Boris the Boar - he's the black one - and we're hoping he gets along well with the girls and there may be piglets soon!




Our two Dexter cows are a miniature breed, so this is as big as they get. The red one is called Ranga and the black one is Caesar. They’re one of our faves, so gentle and quite shy, but they love some scraps as much as any of the other animals, so don’t let them miss out!


Our latest addition is Godfrey the Friesian cow … he’s a big black and white boy who will grow into a giant! But don’t be worried, he’s a gentle soul too.




There are a number of chickens on the property. Damien breeds Light Sussex and Plymouth Rock, while I prefer the quirky breeds – look out for the frizzle, silky and sizzle chickens roaming the house yard. We like to call them ‘The Funnies’! If you have any food scraps you are welcome to feed the chickens – they will be your friends forever!




There are some Khaki Campbell and Indian Runner ducks amongst the chickens. These guys are great for cleaning up snails. They also enjoy food scraps – if they can get in before the chickens do.




We have four geese on the property – Bruce the Goose and his 3 female friends!





There are two dogs you may see on the farm – McGee the super social Border Collie and beautiful Maxi the Golden Retriever. Both are very friendly and love kids!





You may see two grey and white cats around the homestead. Bessie loves a pat, but no point trying it on Tilly – she’s daddy’s girl only!





Menindie and Banksy are a real hit! We love them to bits! You’ll find they’re very intelligent and loving (particularly Menindie), so give them a pat and a hug! They are bred from the wild Australian donkeys, so are quite hardy, but still need to be fed the correct diet to avoid illness. Please use only the ‘donkey feed’ provided, or feed them whole apples or carrots. If you’re lucky, you may even hear the very loud ‘hee-haw’!


Boer Goats


The Boer goats are meat goats; however the ones at Redwing are strictly pets only. They breed every eight months so you are most likely to see kids during your stay. The kids are extremely energetic and inquisitive, so pull up a pew and watch the free entertainment!  Like the poultry, they also enjoy a free feed whenever the chance arises. They love scraps and bread so if you have any leftovers they will be happy to finish it off for you. Bucky is the boss, then we have Tom, PB, Sassy and Mumma Goat, plus whatever kids are running around at the time!




We have been looking after orphaned magpies at Redwing for six years. Each year we have a couple of magpies bought in that have been found on roadsides – usually the product of a car accident which killed other family members, or injured them. In the wild baby magpies stay with their parents for up to two years. Being hand-reared they generally stay for at least six months, the longest up to a year and a half. In this extended time period they become very friendly so you may see some around the yards, or even have some begging for food on your verandah! They have sharp beaks and claws so do be careful, however if you’re game, they will often roll over for a pat!